This is the header text to welcome you to my bootstrap page!

This is a column with content on my page. When you specify 'col-4' bootstrap will automatically fit 3 columns per page because with bootstrap there are a possible 12 per row!
Bootstrap will also by default make the columns the same length! If you notice this column has more content than the previous column but bootstrap has made the the same heighth by default even though the content in them is a different height! Isn't that great?!
Even though this column only has a tiny bit of content it still remains the same height as the others!

In Between these rows is a header text!

These columns are setup as 'col-xl-6' which means they now take up half of the page each!
Also, these are a new row because they are wrapped in a div class 'row' that starts a new row. It is how I can make them size differently and appear differently on your screen!